Listed below are the prices for the different levels

DUCKLINGS (6 months-3 years): $14.75 (Mon-Fri)
$17.25 (Saturday)
PRESCHOOL (3 & 4 year olds): $15.75 (Mon-Fri)
$17.25(Sat & Sun)
SQUADS $17.25 (Belmont Pool)
SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES: $85.00 for the week

The school charges fees on a per term basis, with payment due in advance. A deposit of $35.00 is payable at the time of booking a spot. The deposit is non-refundable if enrollment does not proceed. The balance of the term fee is then due by the end of the second week of the term. We accept cash, VISA/MASTERCARD, and EFTPOS. Many of our customers prefer to pay their fees via internet banking to our bank account.

Families with three or more students enrolled in any one term enjoy a 10% discount per student for the term. Once enrolled and the term commences, no refunds are provided. We do, however, provide credit to the next term for broken bones or severe illness resulting in hospitalization. (See MAKEUP policy below.)

SLSS provides a make up lesson during a term for the following three situations: illness from class for which advance notice of a minimum of 12 hours has been provided; a death in the immediate family, and broken bones or hospitalization. We cannot guarantee that a make up lesson will be provided, as, of course, the ability to do so depends upon a space being available for any given class on any given day. We do, however, try our very best to provide this service. Unlike many other swim schools, we do not charge any extra fee for the make up.